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How to Apply Financial Planning Wisdom to Real Estate Investment

How to Apply Financial Planning Wisdom to Real Estate Investment

It’s wise to help your clients understand some of the core principles of real estate investing. Creating informed clients by letting them in on the process will build trust that their investment portfolio is in solid care. Review these supporting points that educate your clients.

Trust your numbers, trust the results.

One thing you must remember as a financial planner is the value in the numbers and in the results. A financial planner always trusts the numbers when the numbers are right. Don’t feel complacent in real estate investment just because it’s real estate. Be diligent. Protect your clients assets. Do your due diligence. Mitigate the risk.

Put your faith in proven methods, proven results, and proven people. Nothing less.

Reevaluate your trajectory.

Financial planners aren’t of the mindset that a portfolio is set in stone. They reevaluate and revisit their goals, the investments within the portfolio, and the performance therein to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction.

Check in with your clients to ensure that their real estate investments are in sync with the desired financial goal. You must work towards and accomplish specific real estate investment growth. 

Real estate investment growth occurs with active pursuit and is an area where your attentive participation creates a big payout. Teaming with a mortgage professional can help determine if an investment helps that trajectory grow.

Always look ahead.

One of the biggest takeaways financial planners need to share with their clients… Plan. Thinking ahead to the future can be one of the most compelling motivators there is. Too many real estate investors fail to plan ahead because they prefer to think and live in the moment and worry only about their finances for the present.

If you stay future-minded: whether it is a goal for the next five years, or ten, or twenty: you will find that this target helps you stay on track and moving forward. You will find that clients feel more secure and prepared knowing that they are building towards a larger, overarching real estate goals, even as you adjust to meet other goals along the way.

Written by: Chris Clothier

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